Day Nineteen

My interview with Josh Fox on the Young Turks network came out yesterday, and they did a good job. A google search showed that there have also been stories about it on Yahoo News, Black Star News and Z Communications. In addition to the news outlets I listed in yesterday fasting report, I’m definitely encouraged that the word is getting out and that this action is helping to swell the turnout to defeat Trump on November 3.

For the first time since I stopped eating, I didn’t lose any weight between yesterday morning and this morning. I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that result, but I was also pleased. It’s a sign that my body is adjusting to this new reality and trying to conserve as much muscle as it can. Of course, I’m also helping with that by consciously limiting how much energy I expend each day.

Yesterday, for example, I stayed home except for a short half mile or so walk in my neighborhood. After the walk, I was very tired and needed to sit down and rest for a while, after which I felt better.

I’m looking forward to the big debate tomorrow evening. It’s looking like Trump will come into it all charged up from his super-spreader, we-love-you-Don rallies and will attempt to dominate the debate by bullying the moderator Kristen Welker and Joe Biden. I would hope and expect that both of them will be prepared, and he’ll come across as he did in the first debate, though not so off-the-charts ridiculous. We’ll see.