Day Twenty

I’ve been weaker this morning. It could be because I did an hour and a half zoom interview yesterday that definitely drained me of energy. Although I took it easy afterwards and got a good night’s sleep, I may be feeling the effects. Or maybe it’s just because this is the 20th day without calories, protein or any kind of physical nourishment.

My weight loss has definitely slowed down. The last few days it has averaged about ½ of a pound. If it stays at that rate, I’ll have lost about 32 pounds at the end 12 days from now.

I’m really noticing my thinness when I take a shower and look in the mirror afterwards. It’s like every part of my body—my face, arms, stomach and legs—has really changed. I feel “boney” when I’m passing the soap over my body. I can appreciate the phrase, “he’s all skin and bones,” little muscle. That’s the way I look right now.

Jane and I took a short walk yesterday over to a nearby pond, and we found a beautiful spot to sit and observe big, white, wildflower bushes right in front of us full of dozens of wild bees doing their thing, with the pond behind them and colorful trees on the other side of the pond. It was a wonderful 15 or so minutes taking it all in.

I also had a special experience with a titmouse bird in our backyard. As I was passing the bird feeder taking food scraps to the composter, the titmouse landed on the birdfeeder, chirped a couple of times as if to say hello, grabbed a sunflower seed and then flew off. I was no more than 10 feet away, observing this. Very nice.

I’m looking forward to the big debate tonight. Do your job Kristen Welker!