Comments on Ted’s Public Speaking

“I have been fortunate over many years, to listen, watch and learn from Ted Glick as he leads through his actions and his words on our climate crisis. Ted is a strong and calming presence. He has the ability to convey the urgency of the multiple crises we face, while at the same time, finding ways to help us maintain agency. Ted spoke to my Climate Change and Society class at Ramapo College about his journey and his new book, Burglar for Peace: Lessons Learned in the Catholic Left’s Resistance to the Vietnam War. My students gained knowledge of the lessons we can learn from history and the importance of understanding and listening to others who think differently. Several students shared with me that Ted’s presentation helped them feel more hopeful and positive about the ability and opportunities to solve and address the complex problems we face today. Ted is a wealth of knowledge, an excellent speaker and a true leader, committed to doing everything he can to create a more healthy, equitable and just future for us all.”

Harriet Shugarman, activist, author and professor, Ramapo College of New Jersey

“Ted recently spoke at the Manhattan Country School’s student-initiated fundraiser for environmental justice.  Ted’s words and actions energized our diverse audience – from 8 year olds to their grandparents.  As our students learn how to be activists within their own community, Ted stands out as a role model.  Ted has devoted his life’s work to pursuing environmental justice; his broad experiences as an activist, organizer and lobbyist were inspiring to our teenagers.  He taught of the politics of climate change and informed us about crucial local connections.  As students, parents, grandparents, teachers, board members, and other friends left that evening, one parent commented that Ted was the best speaker he had heard in years; Ted’s words were a direct call to action.  Thank you!”

–Rachel Sussman, History Teacher and Activism Coordinator, Manhattan Country School

“I have had the opportunity to witness Ted as a public speaker as well as work with him in a variety of roles. In all these situations, his remarkable breadth of experience, extensive knowledge, unique insights into the current political climate, combined with his easy manner and clear way of explaining things, make him an invaluable presence. When all the buzz on climate change science and policy can begin to feel like a drone, I have found that Ted cuts through with a clear and fresh perspective, making esoteric or exhausting topics seem accessible and relatable to almost any audience.”

– Dana Kuhnline, Alliance for Appalachia

“Ted, a belated thank you for a great talk.  Although the audience was not as large as I had anticipated (blame it on the weather and Obama/Hillary), I think you could tell by the length of the questioning and people’s unwillingness to let you catch your train, that you had an impact on those who attended.  I have heard nothing but favorable comments, and I know I speak for others that we hope you can come back sometime in the future as events unfold. This country needs more people like you and we appreciate your commitment to this important cause.”

– Lawrene Groobert, N.Y. Unitarian Church of All Souls

“On behalf of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship and its Green Earth Ministry, here is a sincere thank you for your excellent presentation. We were enthralled by your informative, lively analysis of current climate change legislation before Congress, features of various forms of renewable energy, limitations and risks of carbon sequestration attempts, the powerful political forces that seek to block prospects for a clean energy future, and specifically what we can do to help salvage the situation. The audience was so energized that the question and answer period could have continued for another hour.

Your clear dedication and selflessness in participating in the Climate Justice Fast is an inspiration and an example of the fire of commitment that we seek to emulate. I hope many more people will have a chance to benefit from your wisdom and steadfast example.”

– Linda Delap, Green Earth Ministry

“Thank you so much for an inspiring talk at the Gandhian Forum for Peace and Justice. I received very positive feedback from many students and faculty at William Paterson University about your presentation and the way in which you fielded questions. Thank you very much for connecting environmental justice issues with the broader theme of violence, peace and justice. I know that many students at our university are genuinely interested and concerned about the issues that you work on and am especially happy that you spent some time reflecting upon your own development as an activist and public intellectual, for too often and to many students, activism is some abstracted thing that unknown people do on television. The kinds of stories that you shared will prove very useful for the next generation to shape political methods and visions of what the world could be and ought to be like.”

– Balmurli NatrajanDirector, Gandhian Forum for Peace and Justice, William Paterson University of New Jersey

“Ted Glick has spoken at Marc’s Place Coffeehouse in central NJ, twice. He speaks clearly with a calm urgency.  His talks illustrated a keen knowledge and insight of the current legislation and Washington political culture.  We would recommend him to him to all audiences seeking to understand global climate change and its political context.”

– Paul Sauers, Marc’s Place Coffeehouse, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

“Thank you for an invigorating discussion at The New School’s Clean Energy Forum. You taught us that mixing direct action with legislative activism breeds success.  Learning firsthand of your past and current experiences offered the youth a platform upon which to advance progressive energy policies locally, nationally, and globally.  We need more people like you!

You rock.”

– Rachel Dawn Fudim-Davis, New School

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