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For over 51 years I’ve been active trying to change the world. There have been a lot of ups and downs over that time, but I have no regrets about this path that I’ve chosen. Many more people need to do the same, or to step up their commitment.

The honest truth is that time is running out for us to prevent climate catastrophe and turn this world around. That’s why, since 2003, I’ve made that the primary issue that I speak about and work on.

On this website you’ll find information about my beliefs and thoughts, what I’ve been doing with my life, pictures and videos and how to contact me. I’m available for public speaking, interviews and/or workshops.

Note that my second book, “Love Refuses to Quit: Climate Change and Social Change in the 21st Century,” is up on this website under the Ted’s Books link. Please check it out!

If there is one overriding thing that I’ve learned over these years, it’s this: together, we really can move mountains. We need to do so now. Let’s make it so.