Day Eighteen

I had to leave the house today to go get some blood drawn for a blood test. I don’t like to do that given my weakened condition, especially since I was going to an office where I’d be sitting inside and interacting with other people, but I did it. Fortunately, it was a very quick in and out, no more than 15 minutes, and everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing. It will be good to learn what the results are.

Besides weakness, my two main physical symptoms are persistent dry mouth, despite drinking lots of water, and pretty persistent stomach discomfort. I’ve had to take some stomach relief medicine. It must be due to a combination of a shrunk stomach and the salt, potassium and Vitamin C that I put into it without any solid foods. It’s tolerable, no big deal so far.

Yesterday was a big day as far as news coverage of the fast in the progressive media. A column by Norman Solomon was carried on Common Dreams, Buzzflash, Media Monitors and several other outlets. An op ed I wrote last week was published by Alternet. And I was interviewed last evening by Scott Harris of Between the Lines. Tomorrow, I believe, The Young Turks network will be playing Josh Fox’s interview with me last week. All of this is definitely positive, and I’ll keep working for more.

It is amazing that Trump is now bitterly attacking Dr. Fauci. Ordinarily this would constitute political malpractice, a huge unforced error by Mafioso Don; I sure hope polling over the next week shows that to be true. I am glad to see that the Thursday debate organizers have announced they will turn off the mics of the other candidate when one of them is using their allotted two minutes to respond to each of the questions asked. Of course, if that works as planned, there’s still the time in between where there’ll certainly be sharp debating. Maybe Trump will be as bad there as he was in the first debate, after which his poll numbers went down several points afterwards.  

But polls don’t vote, people do! All out to turn out the anti-Trump majority until November 3rd!