Day Four

Following on yesterday’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which has Biden up by 14 points nationally, today a CNN poll had him up by 16 points. Very good news.

But then there’s the October 1, Associated Press story, “In big states, tiny counties, Trump attacking voting rules,” which I saw today about the extensive efforts by the Republican Party—the Trumpublicans—to disrupt voting operations in battleground states. It is clear they have every intention of doing everything they can to depress voter turnout, intimidate or confuse likely Biden voters, try to make the elections seem as chaotic as Trump’s White House, and then possibly challenge the results after November 3 in the Supreme Court.

The best antidote to all of that for the next four weeks is extensive and widespread outreach to increase the numbers for Biden and to make sure those voters understand fully how the election system is working this year in their state. Lots of groups have been doing this work–google “voter turnout organizations 2020” to learn about some of them. Three national groups are the Biden campaign, Indivisible and Our Revolution.

I’m feeling OK. My stomach feels like it’s getting used to the new reality. I was pleased that yesterday I took part in a small demonstration in the town of Roseland in opposition to the fracked gas compressor station there and in support of a rapid shift from fossil fuels to wind and solar. I stood with others for an hour and a half holding signs, and a lot of the cars which went by honked, waved or gave us a thumbs up. I don’t plan on going to other demonstrations for the duration of the fast, need to conserve my energy, but going to this one on day three seemed like an OK thing to do.