Day Three

I’m keeping track every day of my weight on this Fast to Defeat Trump. This morning I stepped on the scale and it was 200 pounds exactly. The first morning I weighed myself it was 206.8. I lost almost five pounds the first day, about two pounds the second.

Based on my past fasting experiences, I anticipate that there’ll be a steady reduction in how many pounds a day I lose to about half a pound/day after the first 10 or so days. I’ll probably end up losing 30-35 pounds all together.

How do I feel? Weaker, no question. I can feel my stomach shrinking/crying out for food. I’m getting a little spacey, though I can definitely focus and do light work, like at the computer, and expect to be able to do so for most of the fast.

I keep thinking about how critical it is that Trump be defeated. I was buoyed by an NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll that was posted yesterday reporting that Biden is ahead of Trump 53-39%. This is a big change from their last poll on 9/20 which had Biden ahead 51-43. Biden has gone up a little, Trump has fallen more. I’m sure it’s primarily because of Trump’s horrible performance in the debate, maybe a little bit because he has been exposed as the fraud and misleader that he is by him and lots of others in his Trumpublican orbit coming down with the virus. Very much a chickens coming home to roost phenomenon.

I don’t wish for any of them to die. What I do wish for is that their sickness shakes up a few of them to realize they made a huge mistake supporting monster Trump and, before the election, they say so publicly. But we can’t count on any of them doing so; we have to keep working and working to turn out the apparently now-growing majority that gets it on President Chaos.