Day Two

Yesterday afternoon I spoke at a Trump Must Go rally and march in downtown Newark organized by the People’s Organization for Progress. It felt good to do that on the first day of fasting and to be with others taking visible action. Lots and lots of cars passing us honked in support.

Then this morning I went to the local Brookdale Reformed Church I’ve been going to regularly since 2016. I looked into this church one mile from my house because in 2015 they installed solar panels on their roof. Checking it out, I discovered there were many things to appreciate and draw strength from about the people and their welcoming community even though I wasn’t then and am still not there on all of the theology, for sure. The minister, Susan Dorward, told everyone during the service today about my plans to fast for 30 days. A number of people expressed their support.

I’m doing OK physically, no real problems. But there are times when I long for food, times I need to remember why I am doing this, why it is so essential that President Chaos and many of his accomplices are removed from office, why this next 30 days and what happens on November 3 is so, so important. It takes literally seconds for me to shake off that food longing and get refocused. We’ll see how that goes going forward.

This morning when I got up I felt a desire to go outside. I spent a little time walking around our front and back yard, appreciating the flowers, the greenery, the bird songs, the fall chill in the air, the autumn outdoors experience. I felt myself being inspired just in those few minutes of connecting with plant life. I know these deepened connections to nature, to other people, to humanity, will be felt often through November 3rd. That’s one of the positives that comes with the experience of fasting that will help me get through the other hard times sure to come.