Day One

It’s now been 14 hours as I write since I had anything to eat, at a wonderful outdoor meal with Jane and close friends last evening, and I’m already feeling different. One thing I’m doing differently is yawning even though I had a good night’s sleep and have only been up for a few hours. It has to be related to my not drinking any coffee. I’ve usually had half a cup by now, and in general I drink at least that much on a normal day.

I’m also feeling it a little bit in my stomach, a very slight discomfort, like it’s telling me, “time for some nourishment, what’s the problem?.” Based on past experience I expect it’ll be 3-4 or so days before this feeling and hunger pangs go away.

I’m already looking forward to that next stage, the stage when the body’s craving for food has abated and I get onto a different plane, physically and psychologically. I hope, and expect, that because I ordinarily eat in a healthy way, lots of organic food, for example, I shouldn’t experience headaches or other discomfort caused by the body feeding on toxins and chemicals. We’ll see.

I am glad that I’m now into this action. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I am absolutely certain that it’s the right thing for me to be doing right now. Trump and as many of his accomplices as possible must be defeated at the polls November 3.