Just a few more days

It’s the morning after the first Presidential debate, and I’m really glad I decided to take this upcoming action, now just a few days away. I almost feel like starting it now, Trump was so, so bad, so dangerous, so kindergardnish, just a shameful display.

I know there are going to be difficult days for me. I’ll have to be very conscious of how my body is doing and respond accordingly, like by drinking more water or lying down for a rest. But I know my spirit will be strong because there is no question that there is nothing else in the world right now and for the next month more important than for each of us to do all we can to defeat this monster.

It is a good thing that Biden has had a steady lead in the polls for months nationally. That’s hopeful. But polls don’t vote, people do. We need a massive voter turnout of the decent people who haven’t been sucked into the Trump disinformation and lying operation. There’s a lot more of us than them; let’s mobilize ourselves!