Two More Days To Go

Apprehensive, nervous, glad-it’s-almost-here: that’s how I’d describe how I’m feeling as I prepare myself mentally to stop eating about 36 hours from now, Friday evening the 2nd.

I’ve done long fasts before, so that helps a lot. But I’m aware that I’m 71, not 57, my age at the time of my last water-only fast of 25 days or longer. That one was 25 days.

One thing I’m looking forward to is the feeling of knowing that literally every second from the evening of the 2nd to November 4th, when I plan to start coming off the fast, I will be doing something to oust Trump from office. I fully expect to be less nervous about that while fastiing because I will know I’m doing all I can for a positive result on election day.

I hope others who get it on how scary the idea is of Trump staying in the White House after January 20 will do the same, by voting, by urging others you know to vote, by signing up with groups working to maximize a pro-Biden vote in the battleground states, by financial donations. All out to defeat Trump!