Announcing the Fast to Defeat Trump!

Progressive Activist Ted Glick to Begin 30-day Fast to Defeat Trump on October 3

Ted Glick, a 71 year old, long-time peace and justice, climate and progressive activist, organizer and writer, announced today that from October 3 to November 3, election day,  he will consume only water and a few vitamins. The purpose is to encourage Americans who are still unsure about the importance of voting, or unsure about the importance of voting to remove Trump from office, to consider seriously how critical it is for the world that Trump be defeated.

The fast is also to encourage those who will be voting for Joe Biden to sign up with one of the many groups working to motivate and turn out voters, especially in the battleground states—Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Georgia and Texas.

Glick explained his reasons for voting in this way: “I’m doing this because I think that Trump’s reelection represents a huge threat to the world’s already-disrupted ecosystems, people of color and low-income people, our struggling democracy and just about everything else that is important to decent people. I feel the need to do all I can to help generate the massive voter turnout essential to ensure that he and many of his Republican accomplices are defeated. Our situation is urgent, and I feel the need to respond accordingly.”

Glick has engaged in long water-only fasts before. The first was for 40 days in the summer of 1972 for an end to the war in Vietnam. The second was for 42 days in the fall of 1992 in opposition to the planned government celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Columbus arriving in what is now the Americas. The third was for 25 days in 2007 on the issue of the climate emergency.

Glick will stay in his house in Bloomfield, NJ for the duration of the fast with his wife Jane Califf.Ted Glick’s biography and daily reflections on and experiences during this fast can be found at, and he can be reached at