Two Days of Action on Fracked Gas Exports

It’s always something between very exciting and very nerve-wracking to be a couple days out from a major action or, in this case, a couple of days of action, wondering how it’s going to go. I’m constantly thinking, whether I want to or not, of the things that could go wrong and what back-up systems do we have if they do.

But when it comes to the mass demonstration of thousands that will take place this Sunday in DC to Stop Fracked Gas Exports, and the cd action the next morning at FERC, the federal agency that is essentially a rubber stamp for whatever the gas industry wants, I’m confident that all of the months of work and organizing was worth it, however things end up.

For one thing, the work our coalition of 50 or so groups has done for this action has definitely put the issue of fracked gas exports out there as an issue that the Obama Administration can’t sweep under the rug. Between the press coverage we’ve already gotten and what will come, this action is having that impact.

It is also bringing together local, state, regional and national groups fighting fracking, fracking pipelines and compressor stations, fracked gas exports and climate change, and by doing so we are educating lots of people about the destructive and dangerous lifecycle impacts of fracking.

Finally this action will help to build the fighting spirit of lots of people for a world where wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are dominant. It will strengthen the movement for a world where justice is more than a word or something that is sometimes done, where, indeed, it is an organizing principle, along with love, of human society.

If you can get to the National Mall down by the US Capitol by 12:30 on Sunday, please do so! It’ll be hot, but you won’t regret being there to hear some great speakers and music and to march together to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC. It’ll be a spirited and colorful march with drumming, creative chants, great props and banners and a determination that will be palpable.

What do we want? Jobs! How do we want them? Wind and solar!

Hey Obama, hey FERC, Let renewables do the work!

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