11:30 am November 6: TRUMP DEFEATED, but…

Biden is ahead and is going to likely end up 40-50,000 votes ahead in Pennsylvania when all remaining ballots are counted. Winning that state will put him over the 270 electoral votes he needs to win. He is slightly ahead in Georgia, that one is more up in the air because there are few outstanding ballots left to count. It’s  looking good for him in Arizona, and MSNBC reports that there will likely be an extension of Biden’s lead in Nevada reported very soon.

I’d bet the house on Biden winning—hooray!

The big issue is how will Trump respond. Fox News reported this morning that he is getting conflicting advice from his aides in the White House. Some of them want him to concede, others don’t. Last evening Trump sure looked defeated when he read from a statement full of lies and misinformation, trying to present a brave front but not looking very confident.

Massive, nonviolent, peaceful, non-adventuristic, celebratory demonstrations are what we need now to punctuate and underline the truth that Super Spreader Mafioso Don’s time is up. He should resign and head back home right now!

The multi-racial rainbow people have won; let’s defend our victory.