Post-Fast, Day 1, 6 am

It’s time!

I’m off the fast, began working my way back to normal eating last evening, but that’s a minor story. The big story is that, as of right now, there is still a possibility that Trump could lose the Presidency, by the narrowest of margins, literally.

CNN just showed how if Biden wins Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin, states he is now leading in, though extremely narrowly in Wisconsin, and Michigan, where he’s a good bit behind but with, CNN says, a lot of Democratic areas still to report plus mail-in ballots to count, Biden will have the 270 electoral votes he needs, with Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia still to be determined.

It looks like Biden will win the popular vote similar to how Clinton won it, by 2-3%, maybe a little more when all the votes are counted.

And predictably, Trump announced an hour or so ago that he is sending his lawyers to the Supreme Court to try to get them to stop the counting of the legally cast ballots. No big surprise there.

It’s time to shift gears to protect the vote mode! Check out for info on hundreds of demonstrations happening around the country today, and it looks likely they’ll continue after today.

It was very depressing to go to bed at midnight with it looking like Trump had won it, but he hasn’t, which is why he’s trying to stop vote-counting. Let’s protect our democracy!