Day Eleven

Day Eleven

I sent out a press release yesterday. In it I said, “Following the indictments of 13 far-right, Trump-supporting extremists for plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, instead of decrying the plot, Donald Trump criticized Whitmer, andnot the extremists.  At the same time, while trailing in the polls, Trump refuses to say he’ll accept a peaceful transition of power if he loses, continues to undermine mail-in voting, and repeats his call for his supporters to descend on polling places on November 3.

‘Trump is clearly appealing to extremists to disrupt this election,” Glick said. ‘It is time to recognize the grave threat he represents to everything progressives stand for. The most effective way to counter the threat is to muster the largest voter turnout in history, led by people of color, young people, women and working-class people.’”

I received an email from a good friend of mine this morning, Mike Tidwell, Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network where I worked for 10 years. He said that he’s working 15 hours a week to mobilize voters in the battleground states for Biden, using a Biden campaign app that he said was very easy to use and effective. You can check it out here.

Two personal highlights from yesterday: I made a second, in three days, batch of uniquely-mine cole slaw, using about 10 different ingredients besides the basic cabbage and mayonnaise: apples, pickles, black and pimento olives, raisins, walnuts, cauliflower, zucchini, dried tomatoes and chutney. When I gave a little to Jane to see how it tasted, she said “very good” as she wolfed it down, which was nice to see. We gave some of it this morning to a neighbor whose husband and mother are in the hospital.

And I saw a doctor. We had a good discussion about fasting. She wanted me to come off it, but she wasn’t pushy. Checking my vitals she said all was good. She encouraged me to check my blood pressure daily, which I’m doing with a blood pressure monitor we bought for $30 from a local drugstore. I’m pleased to report that both yesterday and today it was almost exactly the 120/80 which a google search indicates is very good for a person my age.

What are you doing today to swell the voter turnout in battleground states?