Day Ten

Day Ten

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. 28 years ago on this date was the 42nd and last day of a long, water-only fast in Washington, DC that I did with about 15 other people. It was initiated by Brian Willson, Karen Fogliatti and Scott Rutherford and was called the People’s Fast for Justice and Peace in the Americas. It was one of many acts of resistance in 1992 to the planned government celebrations of Christopher Columbus being found, lost, in the Caribbean by people who had been living in this part of the world for thousands of years. We all took action that year to say that the next 500 years are going to be very different than the 500 years since Columbus initiated racism, genocide and ecological devastation in the Americas.

I’m going to think about all of this throughout the day.

I just made an appointment with my doctor for this afternoon. I had wanted it to be for the end of the week, about the halfway point of the fast, but this was all she had for this week. I’m not seeing her because I’m feeling sick or have a problem; this is precautionary and, frankly, in response to the urgings of others. But I will be glad to see her and find out how she sees my body handling this very different time.

My relationship to food on this fast, in part because I’m doing it at home, is not what most people would expect. Although I’m not eating, that doesn’t prevent me from smelling foods with a pleasing smell, which I do quite often. More than that, I have found myself making soups, salads and main dishes for wife Jane, and enjoying the experience. I enjoy working with the food, I enjoy making something that tastes good (according to Jane) and I am glad to be doing more than my usual share of cooking to give Jane more time to do other things. It feels very right.

I almost never feel a strong urge to cheat and eat. My mind is very locked in, and has been for nine months, on my belief that this is the right action at the right time for me to be doing. I guess it’s a form of mind over matter, belief over usual human nature.

I feel at peace knowing I am doing everything I can in this last month before the election to defeat the worst and most dangerous President ever, literally a threat to the entire world.