Until the Day I Die

Until the Day I Die

99 years ago today,
Dad, you were born.
And four-plus years ago,
You died.

Life goes on, Dad.

I’ve read your Bible
That Mom gave you
For Christmas in 1990.

I know that because of
the inscription inside,
“Christmas 1990,
To Wayne
For your enjoyment
and illumination
Love, Barbara”

You and mom would be happy
to hear that I read that Bible, Dad,
from beginning to end,
all 2,000 pages,
(though not every word)
in 2016 and 2017,
the first time and only time
in my 70 years that I’ve done so.

And because I did
I was inspired to start in
on some writing about
the process of social change
that is still going strong:

On this day, this very day,
I finished my first draft
Of a new book manuscript,
“21st Century Revolution:
Moving Beyond 20th Century
Weaknesses, Errors and Crimes.”

I think you’d enjoy reading it Dad,
and if you were here
I’d give it to you the next time
we visited, and,
like you did so many times
in the past, you’d read it and
give me your honest input.

I miss that Dad.

I really do.

But life goes on
And I will too
and loving
you and Mom
until the day I die.