Nothingness, January, 1969

(written at the beginning of my last semester in college)

Here I remain:
Learning of Lenin, Latin and Law,
Writing Comparisons, Contrasts and Critiques,
While my brother suffers.

Here I sit:
Listening to Records, Rhetoric and Rehashments,
Thinking of Options, Opinions and Ordeals,
While my brother bleeds.

Here I lie:
Hoping for Morality, Man and Mercy,
Crying out at Pain, Panic and Patience,
While my brother screams.

Here I stand:
Calling for Change, Compassion and Concern,
Writing of Revolution, Rejuvenation and Regeneration
While my brother weeps.

Here I grow:
Working for Improvement, Involvement and Inches,
Striving for Much, Many and Miles
While my brother starves.

Here I must decide:
Continuing to Dissolve, Decay and Die,
Staying at Nowhere, No use and No consequence,
White my brother revolts?

Here I must revolt:
Hope for Love, Life and Liberty,
Acting out of Concern, Caring and Compassion,
To end my brother’s suffering.