My suffering shoulder

It disrupts my life,
my sleep,
my planned work,
my ability to plan,
my feelings of value
as a person
who does his best
to live a life for others,
born and unborn.

It hurts,
today all the time,
a dull ache,
and at night when I wake up
after 2 hours to
sharp shoulder pain
that forces me up
from the reclining chair
that is my temporary bed
during this ordeal
to use a heating pad
or another pill
to dull the pain
for another try
at sleep.

Nine days now
of this.

There’ve been a couple
when I’ve felt more hopeful,
like right after
chiropractor therapy,
but it never lasts.
This feels like nine straight days of suffering.

Today my chiropractor said
I may need
a shot of cortisone
to heal.

This evening I see
a physical therapist.

One way or the other
this has to come to an end.

This is not life.
And I don’t want
to keep living it anymore.