Many Hands Make Light Work, March 19, 2016

(This poem was written on day 3 of a 4-day, about-50 mile walk in Berkshire and Franklin counties in western Massachusetts to stop the proposed Kinder Morgan, Northeast Energy Direct fracked gas pipeline. It was organized by the Sugar Shack Alliance.)

As we wake up,
get up,
set up       tables
with food, juice, coffee
and love,

On the day before
Palm Sunday
in Trinity Church basement
in Shelburne Falls, Mass.

Sore muscles,
sore feet,
apprehension about
a third day
after 13 miles/day
yesterday and Thursday

Today: cold, below freezing,
as we’ll begin,
but sun all day

Not like the last two days
of rain, mist, hail, snow
mixed with strong winds
and periods
of sun and blue sky:
unsettled weather.

Tomorrow there’ll be snow,
the experts say,
how much, who knows?

The Trinity Church
female pastor
gathers us
in a very big circle
and gives thanks
and calls for strength
for us
as we do
our work–

What some would call
God’s will–

For the earth
and its people,
for days
and weeks
and months
and years to come:

Until the Big Change.