Lonely Wanderer, July, 1968

I am a lonely wanderer,
I come from where I go.
I do not know my leaders,
I do not care to know.
For they are weak and selfish
And have wandered much too far.
They are lost in the dark places
And they know not where they are.

O why must all my leaders
Be so full of fear and hate?
Is it something deep within them?
Is it something that they ain’t?
Are the ears of men so dirty
That the cries cannot be heard,
From the allies and the shanties
Where the people have no word?
The voices of my leaders,
They tell of what they’ve done,
Of how they’ve given their lifetimes
To defend this country of guns.
They call for right for all men,
Be they black or be they white,
But if that’s true, then tell me
Why is it we must fight?
Although I am a young man”
Who lives not on his own,
I know which is the right path,
I need not to be shown.
But the way out of the forest
Is difficult and hard,
So I must keep a-moving
And never drop my guard.

I am a lonely wandered
I come from where I go.
I do not know my leaders”
I do not care to know.
But my heart is filled with anger”
When I read of what they’ve done
To the hopes of men in anguish
Who have nowhere to run.