Hey Dad

Fathers Day, June 19, 2016

Hey Dad

I’ve thought of you often,
of course,
over these almost-8-months
since you died
at age 94,
thank God,
after years of old age struggle,
but your health
was still pretty good,
you could get around, slowly,
and just before you passed,
you felt the joy
of your Chicago Cubs–
80 years a Cubs fan–
making it to and into
the post-season.

Today is my first Fathers Day
without a physical father
to call, or visit with,
go to church with,
have serious talks with,
feel love from and for.

And on this first
Fathers Day,
I’m in Chicago, Dad,
here for the People’s Summit,
here doing the work
of world-changing
as best I can,
the work you and mom supported
for all those years.

I don’t know why
it has taken so long
for me to write
a poem about you.

I really don’t.

But I do know
that you are a part of me,
that the lessons you taught
have taken root,
deep within me,
and I am so thankful
for all you gave me.

Not everyone was so lucky.

I know that.

May all fathers everywhere
be like you were Dad —
that is my prayer
on this first Fathers Day
without you.