Freedom in the Hole

August 6, 1971

(While in prison in Danbury, Ct., I passed out leaflets with four other prisoners calling for a hunger strike and work stoppage on August 9th, for which we were put in solitary confinement. On the morning of the 9th many other prisoners joined in our action and, for several hours, shut the prison down.)

I sit upright in the Danbury hole,
My jailers are worried, uptight, scared.
They are the ones in prison.

My strength and my freedom
come from within.

From within
comes from God.

God comes from
people and faith.

Faith comes from. . .
from the truth.

Again. . .
“Ye shall know the truth,
and the truth
shall set you free.”

I rejoice in my freedom
The hole has given me new life.
Thank you Danbury.