For the Vietnamese

(written on the day the United States government and military left Vietnam)

May 4, 1975

Let the welcome stillness
of the guns–
yours and,
most importantly,

Never mean
the stillness
of our common struggle.

Your courage
and your pain
have taught us much.

You have given us
examples which
can never be

Your victory
inspires us
in our work
in our country

Let these dollars
be one more link
in the unbreakable chain
forever connecting
our peoples.

Let peacereverberate
like the sound
of a million voices
raised in rejoiciing.

Let justice
come to your land,
come to ours.

Let the blood
of the millions
become the rain
for seeds of
the new world.

Our struggle
is just beginning,

And you have
brought us
to life.

Toward the future
we walk
hand in hand.