For Dad and Mom, from Your Lucky Children

Spring, 1986, Bangor, Maine

(read at my father’s retirement dinner)

65 years
from Virginia to Maine
and points in between.

Through it all
a commitment to:

One another,
your children and grandchildren,
your friends and co-workers,
the human family,
a God-centered life.

For this we,
your children,
are thankful.

Now, today,
others who have come to
know and love you
pay their respects.

For work well done,
for contributions uncountable,
for gifts unexpected.

We are here with them
to wish you well
and to look forward
to the years ahead–
years of continued service,
years of continued love
and commitment,
years closer to us,
years more full of
time together with you.

And for all of this
we are very, very glad
to be here today.

We love both of you
very much.