For Bernie, Jane, Levi and Raine’s Children, Mother and Family

So much unjust,
oppressive suffering
in this world
of wonder, joy
and sorrow.

I am so sorry
about Raine Riggs’ suffering
and unexpected death,
October 5, 2019,
at the young age of 46.

I read that she
“dedicated her life
to medicine and psychology.”

Loved her three children
deeply, deeply, deeply.

Worked with the homeless,
“homeless veterans in particular,
and volunteered at ground zero
following the 9/11 terrorist attack.”

Received an award from
the National Institute of Health
for her medical research.

Worked at an emergency food shelter,
volunteered with children
in hospice care.

And had a father-in-law
who is running for President
and leading a movement
who came home to Vermont after
2 ½ days in the Nevada hospital
and the next day,
Raine, his daughter-in-law,
beautiful soul,
passed on
at the age of 46
to her greater reward.

Which will be,
at least,
the memories of her work
and the person she was
which I am sure
will be kept in many people’s
hearts and minds
for a long, long time.

Living on, living on,
while we,
the still-living,
honor her and all she was,
honor the many like her
down through history,
by continuing the struggle,
day after day,
for the world she,
and Bernie,
and so many more of us,
“not me, us,”
believe is possible,
and so, so necessary,
and will keep striving for
until the days we die.

Raine, presente.

Ted Glick, October 9, 2019