Changes, March, 1968

In the midst of my young life
I feel myself becoming a different person.
My attitudes are changing,
And I am becoming more of an individual.

Can I describe how I feel?
What is it that seems to be new within me?
I cannot say what it is,
But it is enveloping me.

My feelings toward things are changing.
Whereas before this turbulent and troubling period
I was set in my ideas,
Now I am constantly finding myself confused.

What are the conceptions of before that I question?
Is there a God, are the New Breed for real,
Is our system correct and working,
Plus many more which cannot be identified.

Are there solutions? The facts may be present
But along with facts are propaganda and opinions.
Which is which? How can I tell?
I want to do the correct and moral thing.

All that I can do is continue growing
In body, mind, soul, spirit and conscience,
Hope that these many, many questions
Will somehow resolve themselves.

And I that I will help resolve them.