13 Days on Water Only for Leonard Peltier


Day 1, 1/2/2017

Day one
is ending,
progressively harder
as it passed
to late afternoon,
early evening,
late evening,
and now night,
and bedtime.

I hope tomorrow
is better
but it will
probably be
the opposite.

Day 2

I went to the refrigerator
a couple ties today
without thinking,
looking for an
afternoon snack.

And quickly remembered
and shut the door.

I had more energy today.
Maybe because it
wasn’t  a Monday,
but not just that.

It’s also a better fast day
for me
than yesterday.

Now, in mid-evening,
I read.

And look forward
to day 3.

Day 3

And the clouds
and rain left,
sun and blue sky
and I went walking
in Brookdale Park.

A mile and a half
or so, and
the last third
of a mile
was hard.

I felt weaker
than normal–
just weak.

I’m counting the days–
about 1/6 done,
if it’s a full 18–
and missing food.

It’s hard.

A hard day today.
Day 4

Waking up thinking
about maybe
ending this
after 12 days.

12 days, Oct. 1-12,
was the fast length,
the People’s Fast for Justice.

But maybe not
if I can get
more press.

I worked on that today.
No luck so far.

I cooked dinner
and then a banana bread
and then all the dishes
for Jane.

I’m quick to get uptight,
say things the wrong way.

I’m not a happy camper.

Day 5

Some good things
which lifted my spirits:

-with 100+ others
packing a courtroom
for sentencing of
climate s/heroes,
none got jail time.

-two press interviews,
possible interest
from one more;

-reorganized all
our spices (!);

-watched birds
in back yard
pecking for food
and felt a deeper-than-usual
almost like
feeling their hunger.

So as evening arrives
and I and Jane
are about to
watch a movie,
I’m feeling
spiritually strong,
if still physically
weaker and non-usual,
not comfortable,
stomach issues.

Day 6

My best day yet,
by far.

Lots of work
around the house,
a short walk in the snow,
feeling invigorated,
and shoveling
the very light
4 or so inches
with no problem.

Staying up to 11 pm
watching a movie
with Jane,
and then doing dishes.

Now it’s to-bed time
and I’m not
feeling tired.

It’s good, it’s good.

Day 7

Begins at church,
a moving service,
and special talks
with young Turkish women
visiting, afterwards.

Joining a climate demo
in very cold,
windy weather,
and my body noticed–
stomach pains
and mucus rising–
so we left quickly
when done to
get to the warm car.

Resting at home,
drinking a lot of water,
and I was fine.

As I go to bed,
thinking about
beginning the second week,
and the need for me
to try to get
some media attention.

Day 8

There was a definite changes
on my sixth day–
ever since, including today,
I’ve had good energy,
not so weak,
able to do a lot,
and today a full day.

Thank God.

I was at a cimate rally
today where I sand,
spoke, walked and
was outside in 20’s degrees
cold weather for
two hours,
and it had no effect,

I look towards
fruit and veggie liquids
beginning Sunday evening–
would have been Monday am
except invited to
family dinner Sunday evening
and decided that’s where
I’ll do it.

But no solid food ‘til
Obama acts,
or the inauguration.

9th Day

Another good one,
energy wise,
going strong at my desk,
from 8 am to 6:30 pm,
now settling in
for reading and
a movie on TV.

When I go to the kitchen
I often smell food,
especially peanut butter.
I don’t think
there’s nutritional value,
but even that
extremely minimal
connect to food
is something
I feel the need
to do.

I’m looking forward
to fruit and veggie liquid,
and then to transitioning
back to normal eating
two-plus weeks
from now.

I hope/pray I do that
celebrating Leonard’s freedom.

Day 10

And still another good one,
plenty of energy
for desk work.

I’m thinking more about food,
first fruit and veggie liquids,
and smelling food more often.

And I keep thinking about Leonard
and Obama
and hoping/praying.

Day 11

Several lightheadedness episodes,
one lasting 30-40 seconds,
something that hasn’t happened,
maybe ever before.

So I put some salt on a teaspoon,
added water,
consumed it and a potassium pill
and a lot of water
and it didn’t happen again.

I took a walk on this
very early-spring-like day
in mid-January–
and was tired after
a half-mile or so,
but not bad.

Three more days
and then fruit and
veggie liquids.

I’m counting them down,
not forgetting Leonard.

Day 12

A productive day of work
but I had
physical challenges,
lightheadedness a couple,
three times.

I’m really thinking
about going onto
fruit and veggie liquids,
and smelling food.

There was good news,
a positive interview-based
article was put up
on an Essex County News
website as the
lead story,
and with a picture.

That’s something
to help keep me going.

Day 13

My last day on water,
the 14th of January,
wasn’t bad–
two trips,
to the Ramapough encampment
and to an evening movie
with Jane.

And I was OK,
getting by,
though definitely weak
and sometimes light-headed.

I decided that day 14,
the morning,
will be when I go
from water-only to
fruit and veggie liquids.

Mainly so I can go to,
and have some strength at,
an MLK, Jr. birthday rally
and march,
outside in the cold,

I’m really looking forward
to first thing next morning,
consuming homemade,
by me,
celery soup.

Day 14

Lots of veggie soups today,
homemade celery,
homemade potato/onion/carrots/celery,
Jane’s butternut squash w/ apples,
sister-in-law Anne’s green veggie,
and, finally, Campbell’s mushroom
with strained-out pieces of mushroom.

Throughout the day
as I kept drinking
them down,
my strength improved
and I felt different, better.

I had no problem
at the two-hour
outside rally and march
and was even asked
to speak briefly,
which I did.

And then dinner
at a Mexican restaurant
with Jane’s brother and wife
and their two kids
and one grandchild.

They ate,
I spooned in soup
brought in a thermos.

A good day–
I’m glad the water-only phase is over.
Day 17

My first solid food,
an apple,
in DC in the evening
as I learn
that Obama
has said no
to Leonard.

I am glad
to begin eating,
I am sad
for Leonard.

So very sad.
La lucha continua.