What Happened?

What Happened?
May 12, 2015

Early morning wake-up,
Out of bed, outside
To water our side and front gardens,
And the new grass
Slowly growing.

Hour by hour,
Doing the usual
But more slowly,
No positive energy,
Questioning it all…
Yes, questioning it all.

I keep at it,
Reviewing my work papers
And making my daily plan,
Turning on my daily music
And tuning to
“Amy Grant Radio”
On Pandora
As I finish the paper review
And finalize my
Daily workplan.

Suddenly, like a cool breeze
On a hot summer day,
My spirit revives,
I appreciate the day,
Birds singing, falling pollen
In our beautiful back yard,
Thanks be to the Great Spirit.

Thanks for the back yard,
And thanks for never leaving me
Even if it sometimes feels like it.