Wanting Food

(This was written deep into a 107-day “climate emergency fast” I did in the fall of 2007.)

Making a veggie soup
in my kitchen
and I open
the refrigerator door,
see the cheese,
and feel a
to eat.

That hasn’t happened much
on this now 84-day fast.

As I said today,
when asked about
how I dealt with
being around people
eating turkey
and the rest
over Thanksgiving,

“I’ve turned off my brain
to food
until this fast is over.”

Brave words,
human being,
“man of actions,”
“national leader.”

Right now,
all I want is—

I want food—
but not more strongly
than I want
a clean energy revolution.

For the first national steps
to be taken
down that road
of hope and promise.

For the sake of that
I will will my appetite
back into the place
it’s been usually staying
for almost three months.

back burnered,
turned off,

It is easier to overcome
the pangs of hunger
than the coal and oil lobbies,
but I stay strong,
knowing they are the past.

Ted Glick
Nov. 26, 2007