Day Six of Climate Fast New Jersey

As I write I’m on day 6 of what will be a 14-day, water-only fast calling upon Governor Murphy to enact a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the state. I’m doing so as part of the Climate Fast NJ, which you can find out more about at

I’m not the only one fasting. Owl, a leader of the Ramapough Lenape Nation in what is now northern NJ and southern NY, is also fasting on water-only for 14 days. He actually did a dry fast, consuming nothing at all, for four days; he is now on water. At least 40 other people have signed up or told us that they have fasted or will be for between one day and ten or more days, including fellow 350NJ-R leader Jerome Wagner.

As you can see if you go to the website, we have received some major news coverage already. Last Friday the Star Ledger carried a story with a big picture on page 3, and NJTV’s lead news story that evening was about the fast and the issue of new fossil fuel infrastructure in the state. The reporter was able to get Governor Murphy on tape responding to our call for a moratorium.

I was also able to talk to the governor. I did so Friday morning as he was walking from his car into a building at Princeton where he was to give a speech. My conversation with him was recorded. You can see it by going to and clicking on Writings and Media.

So a lot of good things are happening with this action and on this issue, which is very hopeful, very important.

Every work day since November 7th and going until November 21st, I and others are vigiling and talking to passers-by in Trenton in front of the State House on West State St. We welcome participation by anyone who would like to stand with us on any of those days. Each day at noon we have a Sharing Circle there at the State House. Some days we have musicians and singers and other artistic sharings. Following these sharings we walk down the street to the Governor’s office building and visibly press our demands.

It would be wonderful to see some of you in Trenton, and please consider fasting for a day or more yourself. You can find more info about fasting and a sign-up form at the website.

In solidarity and hope,

Ted Glick