The death of a young woman and serious injuries to others due to a white supremacist, terrorist act in Charlottesville, Va. this afternoon are deeply saddening and disturbing. My heart goes out to all who are suffering because of the death and the injuries.

It is outrageous, but not surprising, that Trump’s mealy-mouthed statement about what happened made no mention of the instigation of violence, or the inherent violence, of the organized racists.

It is surprising, though, that as I checked out CNN, MSNBC and Fox News throughout the afternoon to see their coverage, all of them, including to some extent Fox News, put the blame for the hours of violence today primarily on the white racist groups. They were also critical of Trump’s bs statement.

More than one commentator was apparently moved by the willingness of large numbers of people to risk injury or worse to stand up for the higher values of humankind against those who would drag us backwards into the gutter.

In other words, the racist neo-fascists hurt their cause today, and that is a very good thing.

Not having been there but following what happened on social media beginning last night and then on TV today, it looks as if the primarily nonviolent tactics and overall effort by the defenders of justice and equality were politically effective. This seems to be the case even though there were clearly a small number of people who came prepared to mix it up physically with the neo-fascists, as shown widely and repeatedly on TV. Though sometimes intense, from what I saw this street fighting was limited, not widespread.

It seems to me that there are openings now for the anti-racist movement because of what happened today. Trump should definitely be hammered for his continued racism, sometimes overt, sometimes by silence, as in this case. Politicians of all parties should be pressured to make strong statements condemning the neo-fascist groups. Wherever we are and however we can, we should all keep speaking out and taking action in support of equal rights, justice and democracy for all.


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