Day 30 (4)

I had a minor scare yesterday. As I was washing dishes in the early evening, I felt the need to relieve my bladder. As I went to the bathroom and began doing so I started to feel a strong pain in my lower back on the right side. It really hurt, and I started sweating. I came out of the bathroom and just lay down on the floor. Within 15 seconds my stomach started heaving and for the next few minutes threw up a good bit of clear liquid. After a particularly strong stomach contraction and upchuck, everything changed. The pain subsided, as did my body’s rising temperature, I was able to breathe normally again, and for the rest of the evening I had no problems. Same with sleeping, and I just had a morning “meal” of liquefied organic veggie soup. All my vitals–temperature, pulse and blood pressure–were and are normal.

I figure the reason for this not-fun episode was either my too-closely mixing the consumption of fruit and veggie liquids, or just having too much of them, possibly both. I need to be much more conscious going forward to avoid doing either of these.

I’ve decided I’m going to go today to the local church I’ve been attending for four years, the Brookdale Reformed Church. I haven’t been there in a month because I was too weak. Now, despite last evening’s episode, I’m definitely better since shifting to a fruit and veggie liquids diet. It’ll be nice to see the many people in the congregation who I’ve come to appreciate.

I did four hours of phone calling yesterday via the Biden/Harris website to potential voters in Georgia and Florida. Most of the time it wasn’t very easy going. It seemed like the list that I was calling from was a list of people who are not regular voters. It would make sense that, given that over 90 million people nationally have already voted and with only a few days left, this might be the list the campaign would be using.

I plan to do four more hours of calling today, and probably the same thing tomorrow. This is the work I couldn’t do when fasting on water, and I’m glad I now have the energy to do so.