Day 28 (2)

My energy is returning, after 26 days without it, because I’m consuming fruit juices and liquid veggie soups for the second day. It’s very noticeable, and very welcome. Yesterday I worked pretty much straight through from 8 am to 8 pm, and I felt OK afterwards and had a good night’s sleep. And when I stepped on the scale this morning I had gained back about four of the 30 pounds I lost while on water only.

I find myself longing for solid food more than when I was on water. Without any calories or nutrition, I was of necessity focused on being aware of how I was feeling, controlling my body so that I didn’t fall or slip, and constantly reminding myself why I was putting myself through this ordeal (to defeat Trump). Now that I’m getting some nourishment, and knowing that election night, four and a half days from now, I’ll begin actually eating solid food (steamed vegetables), my orientation toward food is changing.

With my returned energy from the liquids, I really enjoyed getting on the phone last evening for an hour and a half making get out the vote calls to Minnesota through Our Revolution. It would have been two hours but I needed to stop early to work with a Democracy Now technician to record a 30-second spot for their show this morning about why I’m doing this fast. It was good to hear that on the air an hour ago. That’s about the 25th media outlet that I know of that has carried info about this action.

Making the calls, I found that almost everyone I spoke to had already voted, so the calls ended up being, in most cases, pitches for people to keep talking up the need to vote to friends, co-workers and family, which everyone was receptive to, most already doing. I enjoy making these calls, as I did during the primaries for Bernie when it was much harder. There’s something about having direct contact with regular folks in all their variety and difference, but also their commonalities, that feels good. It’s why I like door to door canvassing, too.

One of the many striking things I saw on the news yesterday was Republican Senator Rand Paul being brought up to the stage by Trump at a rally in Arizona. Maskless, the two of them clasped hands as Paul arrived, at which point his word of greeting was “immunity,” as in “herd immunity”, as in “let millions die if necessary.” It was grotesque, and the latest reminder of how truly evil Donald Trump is, how he turns all around him into their worst. Thank God that we have a chance to bring him and all he represents down four days from now.