Day Sixteen

This is the halfway point of the fast. Sixteen days and nights from now I’ll begin drinking vegetable and fruit juices and a day or two later start eating, slowly adding more digestible foods over roughly a two-week period. Election day evening, November 3, is when that will begin.

It’s a definite positive to have reached this milestone.

Jane and I took a trip to the Sandy Hook National Park on the Atlantic coast today, and it was just what I needed. The ocean waves, the wind, the sun, the rocks and shells, the seagulls and other birds, a beautiful horseshoe crab shell, people fishing, people enjoying the day just like we were—it gave my spirit a welcome lift. And although I needed to stop to sit a couple of times to rest from walking, overall I felt pretty good, considering.

I stepped on the scales this morning, and I’ve now lost 23 pounds. I lost about 18 the first ten days and five over the last five, a definite slowdown. Right now it’s looking like I’ll lose between 30 and 35.

I’m starting to get more press coverage. I know of four news stories, columns where I’m featured, or interviews happening or coming out this week. I continue to reach out to do what I can to spread the word, to alert others to this action and the reasons for it, to help increase the much-needed turnout of those not sucked into dystopian and disastrous Trump world.