Day Fifteen

I’m just about halfway there; 36 hours from when I’m writing, on Sunday evening, that’ll be it. I’m glad I’ve made it to this point. But it is getting harder. There’s still the persistent weakness and lack of energy to do much more than work on the computer and some cooking for Jane and a few neighbors and friends. In addition, for the last couple of nights, I’ve had difficulty getting to sleep because of discomfort, not really pain, in my left leg. Last night it took a couple of hours from when I tried to go to sleep until I did. It took a massage from Jane, putting peanut oil up and down my leg, and getting up and watching an old NY Knicks basketball game on TV for 45 minutes. When I went upstairs after that, I went out fast and had five hours of deep sleep before waking and then getting up. I’ll probably need a nap sometime today.

I’m also very aware of my demeanor and what I’m like, and I don’t really like it. It’s not easy for Jane for me to be like this. I’m trying hard to be polite and respectful, but I’m essentially not-a-happy-camper. This is hard. I guess I’m getting used to this new routine, but the routine includes the weakness and the usual sour mood (there are exceptions). One good health report, however, is that my daily blood pressure tests continue to be right around the desired 120/80 mark; this morning’s was 123/85.

It’s not helpful that Trump is back to traveling the country, raving and ranting and holding super-spreader rallies. Fortunately, when you average the major polls, there’s no indication that it’s having much of an effect. As of right now, has Biden up by 9 points nationally and an average of 4 ½ points in the battleground states.

It is very good news that news reports say that 20 million people have already voted in early voting states. Given the fact that Trump has never been above 45% approval since becoming President or in the Presidential polls, and since he’s at 42% now, and given the very strong feelings against Trump of almost half the population, the likelihood is high that the larger the voter turnout the higher the vote for Biden and other non-Republicans.

As hard as this fast may get during the last half of it, the thought of Trump being re-elected keeps me going. We all need to be doing all we can to mobilize a massive vote of repudiation of everything he stands for.