Day Thirteen

I’m glad to write that my daily blood pressure readings continue to be very good. My fourth one this morning was 122/75, with 120/80 being the desired reading. Definitely good news.

My weight loss is slowing down, and that’s also good news. For the last two days I’ve lost about half a pound/day, which is what I’ve been expecting would happen, before now actually. If that continues to be the case over the next 18 days, that will mean I’ll lose about 30 pounds.

I am definitely looking different, in my face and the rest of my body. When I was taking a shower this morning I really noticed it as I was moving the soap bar over my legs and arms. Right now, the fuel source to keep me going, from experience and what I’ve read, is the muscles in my extremities, my legs and arms, so it makes sense that they’d be shrinking.

I know from experience that when I start eating again, those muscles will come back, over time. I look forward to that process, through healthy eating and a steadily-increasing exercise routine.

I was interviewed by Josh Fox for a half hour yesterday evening on his “Staying Home With Josh Fox” show, which will be aired on The Young Turks network in about a week. I appreciated and enjoyed the discussion with Josh. I continue to work to find ways to spread the word about this action.

Yesterday Jane and I took a short trip to the Palisades Interstate Park along the Hudson River. While sitting by the Hudson enjoying the quiet and the sun and clean air, a monarch butterfly flew past us going south. Given that Jane and I are big monarch raisers each summer (we raised and released 134 this summer), it was really nice to see this. And then just today I received an email reporting that there are a number of sightings further south of lots of monarchs being seen as they proceed to their winter home in Michoacan, Mexico. Two good things to keep my spirits up.

Tonight is no-debate night because Trump wouldn’t agree to a virtual one. This is Trump’s loss, a self-inflicted wound at a time when he is in desperate need of something to change the dynamics of the campaign which are not looking good for him or the Trumpublican Party. We can have a big win on November 3, which the world desperately needs, if we all do what we can to mobilize a massive voter turnout!