Day Seven

It’s now about one week that I’ve been consuming only water, as well as potassium, salt and vitamin C. I’ve lost 13 pounds, 10 the first three days and three the next three. I expect that I’ll continue to lose ½ to 1 pound a day from here on out. The primary difference as compared to when I’m eating is weakness; since the second day that’s the main thing I’ve been feeling. Yesterday morning and into the early afternoon I did feel better, but after working at my computer for five hours, the weakness came back. This morning it’s again been a time of weakness, three hours after getting up.

I did do a lot of work yesterday, up until my last zoom call that went til 8:30 pm, 14 hours after I got up.

It’s clear that I need to be cutting back on how much I work and take breaks during the day to consciously rest. I wonder how much work I’ll be able to do at all in the latter stages of this ordeal. I remember my 92 year old father, toward the end of his life, telling me that he only had the energy to work at his desk three hours a day.

I am feeling my 71 year old age. During my last, long water-only fast of 25 days, in 2007, I definitely had more energy and was more active over the course of it.

How do I keep doing it? It’s easy; I just need to think of monster Donald Trump staying in the White House for four more years. All of us should be doing all we can over the next 25 days to not just defeat Trump but also many of his Trumpublican accomplices in the Senate and House. The polls are showing that this is absolutely possible, with Biden ahead by 10 percentage points in the average of major polls and many Senate races looking like likely or possible wins.

What we need is a massive popular uprising at the polls. And it is possible if more and more of us get involved in the absolutely critical work of mobilizing voters in the battleground states. That, that massive turnout, a decisive victory by Biden/Harris over Trump/Pence, is the primary way to prevent successful Trumpublican efforts to overturn the democratic election results.